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    The Latest Dental Technology

    The Latest Dental Technology

    At Dentistry on Lakeshore, we take pride in offering our patients the latest that dental technology has to offer.  Dr. Butany is always looking for the best ways to offer treatment, and provide an amazing patient experience.

    Digital radiography

    Similar to traditional X-ray systems, digital radiography allows dentists to detect decay and bone loss, and it provides visual assistance during root canals. To take a digital X-ray, the dentist places a sensor next to the patient’s tooth. Then an image is taken and uploaded to a computer. The dentist can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image to optimize diagnosis and find even the smallest areas of decay. In addition, the digital X-ray process reduces radiation exposure by ~70%.  With this technology, the amount of radiation you are exposed to in the dental chair is less than what you would receive spending a morning at the beach!

    Intraoral cameras

    The intraoral camera is a wandlike device that projects a magnified picture of a patient’s mouth onto a screen. The image allows both the dentist and patient to see fractured teeth, receding gums, and broken restorations. After these pictures are taken, dentists are better able to diagnose and recommend treatment for their patients. As part of every new patient examination, Dr. Butany will take pictures of your teeth and give you a tour of your mouth as you plan your treatment together.

    Massage Chairs

    When you visit the dentist, its now time to be pampered!  At Dentistry on Lakeshore we offer your treatment using state-of-the-art dental chairs providing a relaxing massage.  If you’ve had a long day, these chairs will help you unwind, and provide much needed heat therapy to your sore back.  Ask your hygienist about these features, and enjoy a new experience.


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