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    Invisalign Orthodontics

    Invisalign Orthodontics

    Have you always wondered about having straighter teeth, but don’t want to deal with metal or clear braces?  Invisalign orthodontics might be the perfect solution for you!  Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Butany at Dentistry on Lakeshore to find out if this is a good treatment option for you.

    The Invisalign system has become a popular method for straightening teeth due to its comfort, convenience, and efficiency.  Patients are ecstatic with their results, and easily incorporate the system into their daily lives.

    To begin, Dr. Butany will assess your goals and expectations in straightening your teeth, and determine whether this is the best option for you.  In order to complete this assessment, the Dentistry on Lakeshore Team will take x-rays and pictures, as well as make impressions of your teeth to accurately diagnose your case.  If you are deemed to be a good candidate for this treatment, we will then use computer models to show you how your teeth will move during each phase of the process.

    Your treatment will consist of wearing clear, custom –made aligners that sequentially will cause minor tooth movements.  You will wear these aligners during the day, only removing them to eat, and brush and floss your teeth.  Typically, these aligner trays will be changed every two weeks, allowing time for minor tooth movement to occur.  We will check your progress at Dentistry on Lakeshore every 6-8 weeks, and establish if any changes to your plan are required.  Typical treatment times vary between individuals, but Dr. Butany will give you an estimated date of completion according to your progress and results.

    Call the Dentistry on Lakeshore team today at (905) 278-0100, or schedule a complimentary consultation to learn if Invisalign is the next step for you!


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